Tracing & Status Reports

- People tracing
- Asset tracing
- Surveillance
- GPS tracking
- Data, information, intelligence and evidence gathering
- Photo and video evidence fit for evidential / litigation use

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Process Serving & Litigation Support

- Enquiry agents for solicitors
- Service of legal process
- Tracing of witnesses, missing persons and absconder debtors
- Obtaining proof of evidence
- Interviewing witnesses
- Attendance at police custody / Courts

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Fraud Investigations

- Internal fraud & theft
- Infringement of copyright
- Investigations of insurance Claims
- Screening of potential employees
- Forgery and Questioned Document Examinations (QDE)

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General Investigations

- Matrimonial and personal matters
- Background checks & information
- Peace of mind enquiries
- Forensic science services
- Security surveys and debugging / bug sweeps

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The above lists are not exhaustive. The individual need for an investigation varies from case to case. They vary from a straight forward investigation to a complex one falling into more than one of the categories listed above.

A discreet and confidential consultaion will clarify and establish an appropriate line of action to be considered, with a strong emphasis on costs and budget.

Our aim is to offer a value for money service.